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Screenmaker Update v0.95


Screenmaker is an app for taking screenshots on Windows. It features custom image sizes, keyboard shortcuts, and editing. You can download Screenmaker from its website.


Today, we’ve updated the app to version 0.95 — with stability improvements and new functionality.


The brush tool

brush tool

With the brush tool, you hide information or emphasize custom-shaped zones on the screenshot. For example, you paint out a phone number and encircle some text.


Keyboard shortcuts


In previous versions of Screenmaker, you used Shift + PrintScreen to take a picture of the entire screen. Now, the same keys display the resizable windows of the program.


We’ve also added standard combinations — Ctrl + Z to undo an action and Esc to quit the program.


Element enumeration


With enumeration, you add little numbers next to important information on the screenshot.


It’s useful when writing instructions for programs, websites — you highlight buttons the user needs to press and actions he needs to perform.


With v0.95, our program has become more powerful and easy to use.

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