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Be specific!


If you don’t need to capture the whole screen – don’t do it!


Screen Maker offers you a range of opportunities in terms of the size of an area you can capture a picture of.


Screen Maker allows you to use hotkeys to take screenshots of different areas of your screen.


You can press

– Shift + PrintScreen to make a picture of any size

– Alt + PrintScreen to capture the active window

or just PrintScreen to capture the whole screen


So, you don’t need to close all the windows and programs anymore in order to make a nice screenshot without any unnecessary elements. We hope that you’ll agree that it’s cool.


You can resize the area, adjusting it to 640×480, 1024×768 pixels or 1:1 side ratio.


For those who work with two monitors we also have a nice feature – you can take a screenshot, the part of which will be from one monitor and the other part – from another one. You don’t need to combine two pictures in one anymore.

Go make screenshot now!

Its absosutly free!
Download Screen Maker