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About us

We’re a team of professionals and our goal is to make your life easier by providing software that will make your everyday PC user experience more pleasant.


We’re glad to present you Screen Maker application that gives you a great opportunity to capture, edit and share screenshots easily and quickly. We know that a lot of people who work, study or just spend time online need an opportunity to make a picture of a screen, type some text or mark some area on it and then send it to a friend or colleague, or insert to a presentation or just save on PC. Now you have the tool, which will help you to do all of this in one window!


Screen Maker is a simple program with the following key features:


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Making a screenshot:

⎯ of the whole screen

⎯ of a single window

⎯ of any area on your screen



⎯ adding text

⎯ marking areas on a screenshot with rectangular, lines or your own shapes in different colors



⎯ To the cloud. You’ll be given a link which you can easily send to anybody

⎯ On your PC

⎯ In the clipboard and then inserting it to any document

⎯ Physically by printing


And all of this is available in one window – you don’t need to switch between a screenshot window and a photo editor, upload your picture to some file sharing platform, etc. It’s easy and fast!


And it’s absolutely free!


Get started now – click the download link and try it yourself!