Ads verification service

Verify advertisements compliance and protect you publishers from bad, malicious or nsfw ads.

Feature 01

Malware detection

Automaticaly checks your urls and redirect path for contains malware..

Feature 02

Anticloaking solution

Own solution to combat cloaking allows you to reliably see the final ad.

Feature 03

Decrease offensive ads

Comprehensive check allows you to reduce the amount of offensive advertising and increase the reputation of your brand.

Feature 04

Personal manager

A personal manager is in touch with you 24/7 and ready to help with any problem or answer your questions.

Feature 05

Real devices

We use real devices to check advertisements, which excludes the possibility of incorrect blocking.

Feature 06

Push notifications

Our solution also allows you to determine whether push subscriptions or push notifications on advertising pages


The final cost of a subscription depends on your wishes and requirements.

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